A Vancouver digital marketing company aimed at helping those that need it most - small business owners

You're so busy running your business you don't have time to build or manage your website, write great copy, promote your latest product or service or run online campaigns on paid search or social media advertising. This is where we come in. Let Pioneer Digital Media handle your digital marketing services, so you can focus on what really matters: watching your business succeed.

Why small business digital marketing?

Small businesses represent about 98% of the economies of British Columbia and Canada. They are the life blood of a healthy and thriving business community, and the better we all do together builds a better economy. We love the pioneering entrepreneurial spirit, but we love sharing success, too.

For us it's not about the win, but the win-win

Small business stats from the Government of Canada

Small business stats from the Government of British Columbia

Chris Gordon


With a career spanning journalism, digital & social media, landscaping and business management I bring a blend of skills and experiences that are essential for success in digital marketing: copywriting, analytical analysis, project management and, importantly, an ability to work hard and do the dirty work! I recently studied digital marketing at Vancouver's Red Academy, am a qualified journalist, and graduated from London South Bank University in 2000 with BSc Honours in Media Studies. I look forward to working with you and helping your business succeed.